Inside Schoemehl's South Side Grill

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Schoemehl's Signature Salad featuring grilled chicken, corn, and cucumber with avocado cream dressing.

This week, Ian Froeb gives us a round-up of three pubs and their fare: Schoemehl's South Side Grill, SoHa Bar & Grill and Quincy Street Bistro. Here's a look at Schoemehl's, with these photos by Kristan Lieb. Read Ian's review of Schoemehl's, SoHa and Quincy Street.

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- Jennifer Silverberg previously shot this slideshow of Quincy Street Bistro when the restaurant was reviewed in 2011: "Far more blue-collar than uppity, Quincy Street Bistro is a topnotch neighborhood bar and grill."

Published on February 12, 2013

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One thing that I have to have whenever I visit a bar and grill is beer battered chicken. I have only been to a few different places that haven't had it. For the most part it seems like it's in most every bar and grill because they fit so well into the atmosphere.

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