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On left, one of the owners, Zhen Sun and on right, Sushi chef, Qi Don who is a cousin of the owners.

Sushi Ai opened this spring in the strip mall at the intersection of Dorsett and McKelvey roads, just west of Interstate 270. Its appearance is essentially the same as every other strip-mall sushi joint in America, from the neon Sapporo sign in the front window to the glossy picture-menu on each table. Though only a few months old, Sushi Ai has a lived-in, if not secondhand, vibe: The restaurant feels as if it has been here for years. Click here to read more from Ian Froeb's reviews of Sushi Ai. Photos by Jennifer Silverberg.

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My wife and I love when we go out to a culturally specific restaurant and we can actually see employees from that culture serving us.  There is something to be said about that extra step of quality service.  In that regard, I can tell that this place is a great place to eat authentic sushi, just by this photo of these two Japanese men.  Anyone ever had their sushi?

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