Mama Josephine's: Southern Home Cookin' At Its Best

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Mama Josephine's small corner restaurant at 4000 Shaw, St. Louis, MO.

On this visit I order the fried chicken: a leg and a breast, along with two sides and cornbread. Samuelson makes sure I have the time to wait. The restaurant has neither a deep fryer nor a pressure cooker. The chicken is pan-fried to order, which takes at least twenty minutes. Pan-fried chicken? Heck, I'd be happy to wait even longer if that proved necessary. The two pieces arrive a lovely light golden-brown, the crisp batter speckled with spice. The meat is juicy but not greasy and, with a dash of salt, just about perfect. Continue reading Ian Froeb's review of Mama Josephine's. Photos by Jennifer Silverberg.