Nosh: Maplewood's Neighborhood Bistro

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Warm, fall decor at Maplewood's newest spot - Nosh.

At first glance Nosh is like the chubby baby whose cheeks you can't help but pinch: cute, cute, cute. The name is cute. The logo, with a green olive speared by a toothpick standing in for the letter O in Nosh, is cute. The interior of the restaurant, its warm brown color scheme brightened by abstract paintings and (right now at least) a patch's worth of pumpkins, is cute. Perusing the menu, with its cute categories ("Noshes") and cute dishes ("Lobster Lollie"), you'd have to be a Scrooge -- or a restaurant critic -- not to smile. Continue reading Ian Froeb's review of Nosh. Photos by Jennifer Silverberg.