O! Wing Plus: Feeling Saucy?

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Steve and Heidi Song opened O! Wing Plus almost a year ago (June 2010) in Overland, Missouri. They both went to art school, so all the interior painting was done in house, including Steve's rock paintings.

There are classic Buffalo wings here, the sauce as red as a femme fatale's lipstick; the kick's more pungent than is typical, and if you can't bring yourself to deviate from the norm, you'll be happy as a clam. But what makes O! Wing Plus so appealing is the range of its sauces, several of which bear the influence of Korean and Southeast Asian cuisine. Click here to continue reading Ian Froeb's review of O! Wing Plus. Photos by Jennifer Silverberg.

O! Wing Plus
10094 Page Ave. Overland, MO 63132
Olivette/ Overland