Pagan Picnic Returns to Tower Grove Park

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Ever wonder what happened to your old Dungeons and Dragons mates? They were all attending the 21st annual Pagan Picnic held in Tower Grove Park on Saturday, June 8, 2013. The picnic had vendors from around the Midwest selling crystals, books, clothing, wands and more. Workshops on Pagan practices and rhythmic drumming were available as were battles with foam swords. Photos by Steve Truesdell for the RFT.

Published on June 10, 2013

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isisroseclergy 1 Like

Whoever wrote the caption for these photos obviously does not have a clue as to what Pagan Picnic is about. This is a gathering for us to celebrate our spirituality and to possibly educate others who do not understand. This is NOT fantasy land; this is our Faith.

JasonRiverwind 1 Like

Thank you for the wonderful picture of the Shaolin Black Dragon Kung Fu School mascot, Kung Fu Panda.  Mind you, KFP has nothing to do with Dungeons and Dragons either :)

raychell 2 Like

I've been pagan for 15 years and I've never played D and D nor have I ever engaged in any sort of combat, much less with a foam weapon. Moreover, I attended Pagan Picnic both days and never saw either of those things take place. I'm not saying they didn't happen, but if they did they were not the focus of the event in any way, shape or form. Please do a little research to cover a religious event with a modicum of respect in the future. 

vlvtshdow 2 Like

Pagan Picnic is not just about D&D grown-ups and shopping.  It's about people coming together to celebrate the heathen religions that fall under the "Pagan" umbrella.  It's about seeing old friends, attending workshops, spiritual growth, good music and the ability to interact with others that share your faith.  There are many who attend the Picnic from hours away just to be around people that don't think their religion is weird or crazy.  It's about coming together as a community and supporting each other.  It's about much much more than boffers and vendors.

LeahRosewood 2 Like

I agree with garyandlyze. Sure there were people there having fun with the weekend and dressing up a bit, but for many it's about their spiritual freedom to express it how they wish and has nothing to do with games. 

garyandlyze 3 Like

I think it is kinda disrespectful the way you are describing pagan picnic and you obviously had no idea of the meaning behind it

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