PW Pizza: It's Just Good

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St. Louis artist Grace E. McCammond of Signature Arts is responsible for all the murals painted on the walls of PW Pizza.

The pepperoni is one of four pizzas dubbed "Classics," along with a sausage, a mushroom and a traditional margherita. Its simplicity is winning. The tomato sauce has the acidic bite and full, mildly sweet flavor of a good tomato, with a hint of heat. The mozzarella is melted to perfect consistency, and the ratio of cheese-to-sauce-to-pepperoni is ideal. Oregano is the only additional accent, and the only one needed. This pizza doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it will send you home happy. Click here to continue reading Ian Froeb's review of PW Pizza. Photos by Jennifer Silverberg.

PW Pizza
2017 Chouteau Avenue St. Louis, MO 63103
St. Louis - Midtown