Salt + Smoke Serves BBQ in the Delmar Loop

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Falafel burger with local sprouts and red-pepper jam. Garlic and herb fries are on the side.

This is the latest concept from restaurateur Tom Schmidt, best known for his French restaurant in Soulard, Franco. His sophomore venture, the Mediterranean-themed Nico, had a good two-year run before Schmidt decided to rebrand the spot this past June. The transformation seemed to occur overnight — actually, the make-under took a week. Paintings of animals on the range adorn the muted blue walls and shelves filled with folded-up blue jeans, a duck decoy and various other old-timey items give off a hip vintage vibe. Nico’s polish still shines through — Salt + Smoke is on the upscale end of barbecue, and its hipster vibe (a who’s who of indie music artists plays in the background, and everyone seems be wearing flannel) makes it feel like a Brooklyn interpretation of a Midwestern comfort-fare spot.

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Photos by Jennifer Silverberg for the Riverfront Times.

Published on August 19, 2014