Suck In! The Corsets of Dorothy Jones

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Need cleavage? They'll make it. Too much around the waist? They'll take it.

"These are serious body modifications. They're not the like the little Frederick's of Hollywood things," says corset creator Dorothy Jones. "People are intimidated, they think it's creepy." Photos by Egan O'Keefe.

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rcollier416 I have been searching in vain for this style of waist cincher & I need it to help me to lose winter weight gain and to support chronic lower back pain. The model I've been searching for is, Clasica Latex Waist Cincher by Ann Chery 2025.  I'm hoping you can help me and let me know exactly where you are located. Thanks!!


It wasn't the store. It was a brand. They were doing a fitting at a shop in the loop but it wasn't THEIR store. It was also several years ago, not last fall, so I would question whether or not they have survived. My suggestion would be to go about tracking down the woman mentioned, Dorothy Jones, who made and fitted the corsets. 

I also believe that corsets were featured, if not THESE (although, how many can their be?) in Saint Louis Fashion Week during their section of handmade goods. That would be another avenue to try. 

My guess is this is her.

She's the woman with the answers. 


Please tell me where this store is.  We have looked with no success.  Thank you for you help.


Where is this store? My girlfriend would like more info, but I can't find anything online about it.

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