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Savannah Dodd

Sukkah City: Defining and Defying Boundaries. According to the signs on the periphery of Sukkah City, the challenge... is not only to build a sukkah to meet ancient legal criteria, but to also explicity examine and express a boundary issue that exists in our collective lives by using the medium of architecture.

The Jewish holiday of Sukkot, which ends tomorrow, is a seven-day harvest festival. As part of the celebration, it's customary to build a little booth called a sukkah, in order to commemorate the huts the Jews were said to have lived in during their 40 years of post-Exodus wandering in the desert. This year, Washington University's Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts, Hillel and The Museum of ImaJewnation. decided to class things up a little by sponsoring a sukkah design competition called SukkahCitySTL. More than 40 artists and architects from around the county submitted designs; the ten winners would actually get built. And here they are, on display on the lawn of the Danforth Campus's Ann W. Olin Women's Building until Sunday. Photos by RFT Photo Intern Savannah Dodd.