The 7 Best Barbecue Joints in St. Louis

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Jennifer Silverberg

Hendricks BBQ (1200 South Main Street, St. Charles; 636-724-8600)

The sheer size of Hendricks (17,000 square feet and slated to be a live-music venue and moonshine distillery, to boot) might be overwhelming, but pitmaster Matt Vanderbeck makes sure the focus is squarely on the food. Barbecue, smoked over apple and hickory wood, includes baby-back and St. Louis-cut spare ribs, beef brisket, pulled pork, turkey and sausage. If you like sauce, Hendricks' "STL" is your best bet: complex, with just a little heat. Collard greens with bacon and grits with cheddar cheese are the can't-miss sides.

The barbecue renaissance continues in St. Louis. When we last ranked our best barbecue joints, only five made the cut. This time around, we found seven worthy of consideration -- four holdovers from last time and three newcomers. -- Ian Froeb.

Published on February 19, 2013

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there are 3 or 4 better BBQ joints within Lil Mickey's zip code ... sorry but soaking flavorless meat in Maul's doesn't equated BBQ to me


Seriously? Super Smokers is not on here? They run circles around Pappy's.

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