The Comedians of Standup Throwdown 2014

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Chris Cyr@CDCyr Fried your ravioli, froze your custard, and used a cracker for your pizza crust. Unaccredited schools means no home-ec class. #stlfactChris Cyr was, literally, a poster child for the St. Louis Public School District in 1993. While the picture looks nice on the wall of his office, the system itself has never fully recovered. Cyr is a writer and professional nerd living in south St. Louis, where he spends much of his day practicing the arcane magic that creates spreadsheets for a large corporate-accounting department. His nights are spent trying to become a better comic. He also serves as a director on the board of Zombie Squad International and is part of the team that writes and performs the organizations annual Zombocalypse Survival Seminar. He has served as a panelist at Dragon Con and other conventions. His favorite whiskey is the Caol Ila 18. Cyrs dream is to one day be asked to join Wu-Tang Clan as an adjunct member. Those guys seem like fun.

Tiel Pearce@Tiel52093 The Jeffersons were going to be set in St. Louis but it changed to New York when they realized the east side of STL is a step down. #stlfactTiel Pearce is an impressionist. Though he wasnt always. He started out as a a cubist, but that is not important. Pearce started doing comedy a couple of years ago at the Funny Bone in Westport. One impression he does not do is Jack Nicholson at Kmart. Thats because he cant do Nicholson. His turn-ons include women with a sense of humor. Turnoffs? War. His aspirations as a comedian are as diverse as maybe doing SNL, to just working on the road. Hed love to sell out a place sometime, and it doesnt have to be the Garden. The Giggle Shack in Kalamazoo will do.

Two years ago Riverfront Times debuted Standup Throwdown as a way to celebrate these hard-working and humorous St. Louisans and (hopefully) help them hone their craft. The premise is simple: We select some of the brightest aspiring comedians in town and enter them into a bracket à la March Madness, where you — the reader — decide who is the funniest up-and-coming comic in town. Keep reading for more about this year's competition.

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Published on March 20, 2014