The RFT's March 2013 in Photos

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Jon Gitchoff

The stereotype of comic book readers as overweight, nerdy men has been pounded into bits since Comic Book Guy made his debut on The Simpsons more than twenty years ago. See more photos of the women of Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con.

This month: A St. Louis boxer squares off against Don King, meet St. Louis' own human cannonball, step inside a haunted house convention, then step inside a comic book convention, then see comic book burlesque. After that, hop over to the 30th anniversary edition of the Mr. Missouri Leather competition, or visit with juggaos, then head to Texas for South by Southwest. Visit the Pageant for Tegan and Sara and Major Lazer. Let's not forget about your usual fill of excellent restaurant photography. And of course, there's the annual St. Patrick's Day party in Dogtown. Here's your March 2013 month-in-photos: A lot of old favorites but plenty of new sights to keep you coming back. Curated by Nick Lucchesi.

Published on April 1, 2013