What Would You Do for an NBA Team?

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What Would You Do for an NBA Team in St. Louis?

Gabi of Bloomington, Illinois, who says she's in the process of moving to St. Louis: "I'd give up the Rams."

Last night, the Chicago Bulls hosted the Memphis Grizzlies at the Scottrade Center in a NBA preseason game with the Bulls dominating the Grizzlies 106-87, giving the throngs of red-clad fans what they came to see: Derrick Rose and a Bulls win. We asked a few fans what they would do for an NBA team in St. Louis. Many stuck with the "but tickets" response, but the not-great attendance -- 13,497 -- for the pre-season game, and all the out-of-town visitors we spoke to could indicate St. Louis isn't ready for an NBA franchise again (The St. Louis Hawks moved to Atlanta in 1968).

Photos by Jon Gitchoff for the Riverfront Times.

Published on October 8, 2013

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Those people from Illinois shouldn't have any say in anything!

egolterman topcommenter

If Bill Laurie who bought the Blues and took over Kiel Center (then sold off the name and kept  the money) could not bring a pro basketball team to St. Louis,  no one can. He is one of the richest dudes anywhere. He 'dabbled' in St. Louis for a while only to bring in or create an NBA Team. Then, he left.


I would also try to roller blade jump over a ramp of as many Cheerleaders as possible, and wrestle a bear like the great Jackie Moon! Lets get Tropical!!!

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