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34 St. Louis Cocktails You Should Try 

Each week RFT food & drink blog Gut Check features a cocktail worth trying with its Hump-Day Cocktail Suggestion. We've collected all of them here for a St. Louis booze cruise, via these snapshots of St. Louis cocktail culture. Take a spin through these while you practice your impression of Jon Hamm as Don Draper glaring into space.

* * * Click on each cocktail's name for more information about it * * *
360's "Midnight Bloom" includes Four Roses Yellow Label bourbon, blackberries, mint and a topper of club soda.
Five Bistro's "Lock, Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels" is a smoky cocktail. Lime juice slices through the smoke, and the subtl
The Royale's "Subcontinental" is comprised of gin and Cointreau with fresh lime and cucumber juices.
Maryland House's Gin Rickey: Two ounces of gin, the juice of half a lime and sparkling water. It's less harsh than
Annie Gunn's "Just Around the Corner" features a local gin (Pinckney Bend) and a local beer (Civil Life).
Grapefruit and tequila make up the New Moon Room's "Sidewinder".
Sanctuaria's Mint Julep: Served in a chilled silver goblet, the Sanctuaria julep is worthy of a sweet Southern
The Fortune Teller Bar's "Mason Jar" is made with all housemade ingredients (aside from the dry vermouth, but close enough).
Pat's "Blue Molly" (colorful cocktail -- with a straw! -- made with raspberry vodka, sweet and sour, and Sprite).
Pin-Up Bowl's "Sidecar": Gut Check's Hump Day Cocktail Suggestion
Much like its cousin the Car Bomb, Pat's "Irish Car Seat" requires half a pint of Guinness and a shot of Kahlua and Baileys: take the shot,
Herbie's Vintage 72's "Blood Diamond" is a light, refreshing drink, which tastes like an upscale riff on a screwdriver.
Eclipse Restaurant's "Set to Kill" features W.L. Weller twelve-year bourbon, Booker's bourbon, Cynar (an Italian liqueur ma
Broadway Oyster Bar's "Horny Gator" Helps Us Drink Away the Cold
Pi Pizzeria's "Pi Squared" is the type of cocktail you want to enjoy while sitting on a patio on a warm afternoon, but maybe not with pizz
The Crow's Nest's "Better Off Dead" "will knock you off your ass."
Five Star Burgers' "German Chocolate Milkshake" gets its alcohol content from Malibu rum, known for its coconut taste, and Godiva Chocolate liq
Kelly English Steakhouse's "Southern Belle" has a sweet tea vodka and lemonade which reminds us of an Arnold Palmer, while the
Mission Taco Joint's "Piscojito" combines Peruvian liquor pisco (very similar to a brandy) and elements of a mojito.
Just because Modesto's "The Armada" has two ingredients in the glass doesn't mean it's boring.
Cleveland-Heath's "The Matador", a drink that highlights reposado tequila & jalapeno.
Brio Tuscan Grille's "Dirty Martini (with Cougar)" is made with Sobieski vodka, dry vermouth, a splash of olive juice and two bleu-cheese
Blood & Sand's "No Rain" contains Hendrick's gin, lime juice, grapefruit juice, agave syrup, the Big O ginger liqueur and or
Olio's "Emerson" is a Thinking Man's Cocktail
Tripel's "Smoke Wagon" Cocktail Billows Bourbon, Chocolate and Maple Syrup
Sasha's on Shaw's "Tom Selleck" Will Put Some Hair on Your Chest
Taste's Nameless, Squash Puree-Based Cocktail Is Halloween in a Glass
Little Country Gentleman's "37 1/2" Cocktail Burns So Good
Water Street Cafe's "Vieux Carre" Cocktail is a Punch of Whiskey and a Whisper of New Orleans
Dressel's "Dark and Stormy" is Perfect Cool Weather Drinking
The Libertine's "Elvis Costello Lost in Missouri" is "an English cordial" with a Missouri twist.
Fitz's "Schuman Mule": Bartender Brian Schuman made us what he called the Schuman Mule (for no reason other than the fact that he invented i
Three Kings' Pink Gin Julep is a mixture of Bombay Sapphire gin, Chambord, club soda, pink lemonade and some muddled mint. It looks and tas
Bar Napoli's "Han Bomb"is an electric-blue shot that looks more like radioactive chemical waste than fruity booze, but don't be fooled by its appearance. It's a mixture of Hypnotiq, Three Olives Cherry and Blue Curaçao, with a little Red Bull kick
360's "Midnight Bloom" includes Four Roses Yellow Label bourbon, blackberries, mint and a topper of club soda.
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