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Dive Bars Across America 

The Dive Bar is as American as apple pie. And from North to South and East to West, cheap beers and sticky floors are just the beginning of what this country's dives have in common.
Jim Wills
"Don't be surprised by the older, slightly disheveled patrons.

Hill-Top Tavern in Denver, Colorado."
Lina Lecaro
"There are rules to Dive Bars.

Beacon Cocktail Lounge in Inglewood, California."
Ryan Wolf
"Dive Bars don't use web 2.0 marketing techniques.

Rips in Phoenix, Arizona."
Jim Wills
"Don't expect architectural innovation.

Rocky Flats Lounge in Boulder, Colorado."
Jacob Katel
"Good lighting is key in a Dive Bar.

Mac's Club Deuce in Miami Beach, Florida."
The Village Voice
"Do expect indifferent bartenders.

A typical scene at CMJ in New York."
Ryan Wolf
"Whose jobs are mainly to open cans of beers.

Portland's in Phoenix, Arizona."
Sara Kerens
"Clientele varies. Expect one gigantic bald man, often menacing.

Lake Wood Landing in Dallas, Texas."
Christopher Victorio
"Other regulars include the young, tattooed and sweaty.

Helm in Costa Mesa, California."
Troy Fields
"Occasionally, there will be a MILF, or even a GILF.

Westbury's Cozy in Houston, Texas."
Christopher Victorio
"The uniform at Dive Bars is stripes.

At Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa, California"
Lina Lecaro
"Ironic dresses are also permitted.

The Cobrashop in Los Angeles."
Lina Lecaro
"Ironic moustaches are encouraged.

The Cobrashop in Los Angeles."
Seattle Weekly
"Many dive bars encourage sport.

Knarr Shipwreck Lounge in Seattle, Washington."
Sara Kerens
"Pool is taken very seriously.

Ships Lounge in Dallas, Texas."
Sara Kerens
"As is darts.

Copper Spur Saloon in Dallas, Texas."
Seattle Weekly
"Light gambling is permitted.

The Barrel Tavern in Seattle, Washington."
Lina Lecaro
"Often "Lounge" will be in the title of the bar.

Tattle Tale Lounge in Culver City, California."
Justin Namon
"Even at Dive Bars, drink and driving isn't allowed. Drinking and riding, however, is OK.

Bar in Miami, Florida."
Jim Wills
"Don't be surprised by the older, slightly disheveled patrons.

Hill-Top Tavern in Denver, Colorado."
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