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Seven St. Louis Gals You've Probably Dated 

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Illustrations by Wardell Brown
" Ms. I'm Not From Here

Sulking around in her Washington University sweatshirt, Ms. INFH moved to St. Louis from Chicago, Denver or, God help her, one of the coasts. Her hobbies include griping about how she's "stuck" here and
" Ms. Provincial

Unlike Ms. I'm Not From Here, Ms. Provincial is proud to call St. Louis home, but she's even prouder to call the ten square miles of her ZIP code home. Except for Cardinals games and the occasional bacheloret
" Ms. Let's Get Married

She's cute. She's smart. She's confident. Yet the warning signs come early. She spends that first date grilling you about your family and your future. By the second date it's clear what she's after: co
" Ms. Old Money

Ms. Old Money is better than you, obviously. She comes from a prestigious family whose surname you vaguely recognize. She talks about "old" money, even though St. Louis really isn't all that old. Well, it's ol
" Ms. Social (Media) Butterfly

She texts, she Tweets, she Instagrams. If you knew how quickly she Googled you after you first met, it'd make your avatar spin. She has mastered the art of selfies and uses filters that make eve
" Ms. Expressionist

This free-spirited girl wears her heart on her tattooed sleeves. In fact, pretty much everything there is to know about her is out in the open for all to see (including her naked jiggly bits on amateur bur
" Ms. Fix It

Inspired by HGTV (the cable station and the magazine) as well as the movie Grease, Ms.Fix It knows that a man is as malleable as plumber's putty. It starts with little things, like when she asks you to hel
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