Air Assault

World Supercross shocks and awes

SAT 3/13

Hang time. Catchin' air. Launchin'. There's probably no other aspect of boyhood fun that is as liberating as riding a bike off a jump and sailing through the air. Sure, the landing can go wrong -- split chins and busted balls come to mind -- but when you pull a fatty and skid safely to a halt, there's almost no better feeling. All boys want to soar like eagles -- it's a desire that never leaves, not even when we're old and gray. Many continue bunny-hoppin' on their bikes well into their thirties, but the truly mental usually choose motorcycles. More speed means more height, and thus more danger, which definitely equals more fun. Some lucky bastards even get to do this for a living, making 30-foot jumps (or greater) on a daily basis, which is abso-frickin'-lutely bonkers. Do what you must to get down to the Edward Jones Dome (701 Convention Plaza) for THQ's (Toy Headquarters') World Supercross GP. It's loud, it's muddy, and it's gnarly -- and you are guaranteed to see dudes busting everything from ridiculous airs to their already broken bodies.

Treadheads can get tickets for as low as $10, while club-level seats go for as much as $35. For more information call 314-241-1888 or visit -- Guy Gray

Ice to See You
The Kennedy Ice Revue

"Hey, kids! Let's put on a show!" is a sentiment usually saved for sock puppets in the living room or swing-set routines in the backyard. But once a year, the indoor ice rink at Wayne C. Kennedy Park (6050 Wells Road) serves the same purpose for a few dozen children who've been working hard at their figure-skating lessons all winter long.

The 28th annual Kennedy Ice Revue -- which will feature a few solo skaters, plus group performances, from students and skate-team members ages four to eighteen -- happens Saturday, March 13, from 7 to 9 p.m. and again on Sunday, March 14, from 3 to 5 p.m. Tickets cost $2 and will be available at the rink starting Wednesday, March 10. For more information, call 314-894-3089. -- Rose Martelli

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