All The World's A Stooge

Dec 29, 2011 at 4:00 am
The world is a crazy, confusing place and it gets more so with each passing day. And yet in the maelstrom of senseless violence and unwarranted anger, there is an oasis -- and that oasis is senseless violence and unwarranted anger performed by professional stooges. The Three Stooges in their classic incarnation -- angry Moe, confused Larry and screwball Curly -- perfected such argument enders as the eyepoke, double slap and around-the-world-head-konk way back in the '30s, and these maneuvers still have the power to heal a weary soul to this day. Three Stooges Night takes place the second Monday of every month from 7 to 9 p.m. at Schlafly Bottleworks (7260 Southwest Avenue, Maplewood; 314-241-2337 or, and tonight is one of those nights. You'll find solace in a cash bar, some classic cartoons and a heaping helping of idiocy and slapstick as performed by the best in the business. Admission is free, and donations to the National Childrens Cancer Society will be accepted all night.
Second Monday of every month. Starts: Jan. 9. Continues through Dec. 10, 2012