Architecture Trade Group Weighs in on Arch Designs

Aug 30, 2010 at 4:06 pm
The American Institute of Architects, the country's oldest, most respected and (okay) only trade and advocacy group for architects has a nice piece up about the Arch grounds design competition, parsing the finalists' designs from a position of architectural erudition that we here at Daily RFT don't quite occupy ourselves.

It went out in the group's Friday newsletter, AIArchitect, and is on the top of its website. (We'll forgive associate editor Zach Mortice for calling our fair city "a down-on-its-luck Midwestern city of red brick, vanished industry, and past glories.")

If you've been following the competition, the piece isn't breaking any major news, but it's definitely a smart look at the designs, and it's nice to get noticed by architecture's major outlet.

h/t my favorite architect, also known as Dad.