Avengers Movie Marathon: Your Super Power Better Be an Invincible Tuchus

The Avengers, this summer's first big comic book movie, is already tracking a robust 95 percent approval rating at Rotten Tomatoes thanks to numerous glowing reviews by the professionals. The Joss Whedon film opens worldwide next Friday. Well, technically it opens at midnight on Thursday, May 3, which allows Wehrenberg Theatres to stage another one of its massive movie marathons (previous installments include the entirety of both The Lord of the Rings epic and that turd, Harry Potter).

That's right: You can enjoy 856 minutes of superheros at the Marvel Movie Marathon next Thursday in one fell swoop. Is your ass up to the challenge?

The schedule starts with Iron Man (12:15 p.m.), then is followed by: The Incredible Hulk (2008 version with Edward Norton, at 2:40 p.m.); Iron Man 2 (4:50 p.m.); Thor (7:10 p.m.); Captain America (9:20 p.m.); and finally, The Avengers at midnight. Thor, Cap and Avengers will all be in Real D 3D as well.

As far as pricing, Wehrenberg's Michael Neuman explains that, "The package is $38.50 per person.  In essence, the $13.50 is the normal ticket price for a 3D showing of The Avengers and the other shows are $5 each (though they're not sold separately).  Or you could look at it as roughly $6.40 per movie including The Avengers 3D."

Also, your package purchase gets you a collectible lanyard that gives you a 25 percent discount at the concession stand, alcohol purchases excepted. The full list of participating theaters is available here, which doubles as your ticket purchase site. May Stan Lee smile on your long-sufferin' heiney if you choose to go.

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