Dart Art

Like drinking beer and throwing things? You'll love Blueberry Hill's 33rd annual Open Darts Tournament.

Apr 20, 2005 at 4:00 am
Sadly, your love life just isn't that great. Everyone seems to be married or lame or otherwise incapable of making you happy, and as a result of all this love lost, your self-esteem is dwindling, your general well-being is in the toilet -- but your dart game sure has improved. A few years ago -- in the beginning of your matchmaking malaise -- you were lucky to even hit the face of the person whose image was affixed to your bull's-eye, but now that you're a true dart marksman (or woman) who can, if you choose, hit only the right nostril of that photographic dartboard, you appreciate the art and skill in throwing those tiny, feathered missiles. And, more important, you see the sport in darts now more than ever before (even more than watching darts on TV could convince you, though most of those throwers seem superhuman).

Join others who appreciate tossing at targets as much as you do at the 33rd annual Blueberry Hill Open Dart Tournament this weekend (Friday through Sunday, April 22 through 24), which takes place at the only (public) room in St. Louis that has five photographs of John Reichwein decorating the walls: Blueberry Hill, natch (6504 Delmar Boulevard, University City; 314-727-4444). If you've ever set foot in that bar's smoky dart room, you are familiar with the bearded Reichwein and his many darting wins. Of course other greats have passed through these very same dartboard-adorned walls, including John Part and Carol Merriman, who have won a few tourneys apiece, but maybe 2005 is your year to shine. Yeah, let's show those traveling from faraway places like California, England, Las Vegas and Canada that St. Louis is boss of the boards; let's show them what it means to have the American Darters Association headquartered here.

Prices to participate in the competitions range from $10 per person (for Friday night's first event at 7:30 p.m.) to $30 per team. Not only do you have a chance to win some of the $2,500 in prize money, but you also may meet that special someone for real this time -- there are six women's events and six men's events during the tournament (and plenty of spectators to boot). For more information on the specific events and times, visit www.blueberryhill.com or www.adadarters.com.