Doggy Paddle

Jul 14, 2010 at 4:00 am
When Ms. Day first met Ronnie, she knew they'd be friends forever. After all, Ronnie lives in the neighborhood, they both like to go for walks, and they both enjoy backrubs. Plus, Ronnie makes a mean caprese salad — she knows just when the tomatoes have reached their perfect ripeness! Delish! There's just one problem: Ronnie is a Labradoodle, so she and Day can't go everywhere together. They miss out on movies and indoor concerts and all kinds of fun, just because Ronnie is a pup! Not fair! The good news? The Boathouse in Forest Park (6101 Government Drive; 314-367-2224) welcomes dogs of all kinds and even encourages visits from four-legged friends with events such as today's Paddle with Your Pooch. At this boat event, pups and people pile into paddle boats and race in one of three heats (at 1, 2 and 3 p.m.), each of which lasts a half-hour. After the preliminary races are complete, the final water outing shows what team reigns supreme — and Day's got to tell you, she thinks she and Ronnie have got this in the bag! To test your own dog's paddling strength and to challenge the Day-Ronnie duo, visit to register your team ($30). Proceeds benefit Forest Park Forever, another place that welcomes Ronnie with open arms.
Sun., July 18, 2010