Dogtown, Begorra!

The Irish County Fair returns

SUN 9/19

Where can you find Celtic warriors, live music, hurling and a church service rubbing elbows? This unlikely combination of events will, in fact, take place at the thirteenth annual Irish Country Fair in Dogtown.

The day's festivities kick off at 10:30 a.m. at St. James the Greater Catholic Church with an Irish Mass for the devotees. Secular events begin at noon and promise to deliver a day's worth of live music. The lineup includes The Freddie White, the Irish Aires, and Mitzi McDonald & Keltic Reign. Musical styles range from traditional Irish songs to rowdy pub tunes to the ever-popular "diverse and danceable." Better still, an array of Irish dance troupes perform, complete with the usual curls, twirls and fanfare.

If song and dance are not enough to get you to the fair, perhaps raucous hurling demonstrations by the St. Louis Hurling Club (pictured) will persuade you (hurling is the national sport of Ireland). There are activities for the wee lads and lassies, an Irish market replete with all your Irish favorites, booths and games -- and, of course, costumed Celtic warriors.

The fair takes place on the school grounds of St. James the Greater Catholic Church (1360 Tamm Avenue; 314-752-7810) and lasts until 8 p.m. Admission is free. -- Christine Whitney

Picture This
Samuel Fosso to infinity

Samuel Fosso began his career as a passport photographer in Bangui, Central African Republic; he used the unfinished rolls of film from his day job to make self-portraits to send back home to his mother in Nigeria. From these economical beginnings, Fosso developed a body of work that explores the ideas of personal identity. Using costumes and props, Fosso photographs himself in adopted personae, transforming his identity from shot to shot. Fosso's photos transcend the idea of dress-up -- although there is a strong sense of play in his work -- by revealing different elements of who Samuel Fosso is and who he could be. His work is on display at the Sheldon Gallery of Photography (3648 Washington Boulevard; 314-533-9900) from Saturday, September 18, through January 8, as part of the Image and Identity exhibit. -- Paul Friswold

Welcome to Rum Jungle
Kickboxers battle, you booze

SAT 9/18

The Olympics are finally over, which means four more years before we have to pretend to care about water polo and men's gymnastics again. But for those who still have a jones for exotic athletics, Rum Jungle (618 North Second Street on Laclede's Landing; 314-351-5226 or hosts semi-regular kickboxing events. Perfect combo, right? Do a little dance, make a little love, everybody starts kung-fu fighting. In Say Anything John Cusack told John Mahoney that kickboxing was "the sport of the future." Fifteen years later, well, it still may be, but Thailand's chief export to America is still spicy food. Could kickboxing be poised for Western-hemisphere mainstream success? Is the West ready for a sport that made a star out of Jean-Claude Van Damme? You be the judge. Rum Jungle opens at 9 p.m.; matches start soon after. Admission is free, and afterward there are plenty of libations and nightclub shenanigans to finish the evening off right. -- Jedidiah Ayres

Barleypop Hop

SAT 9/18

Grand Cru is not the name of a forgotten, angry deity or a type of surfboard. It is the official beer of the 2004 Hop in the City beer festival. Sample Grand Cru and 39 other delicious Schlafly brews from noon to 5 p.m. at the Schlafly Tap Room (2100 Locust Street). Tickets are $20 in advance or $25 the day of the fest. Call 314-241-2337, or check out for more information. -- Amy Helms

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