Easy Go, Easy Come

May 23, 2013 at 4:00 am
Much like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did with Sherlock Holmes, Walter Mosley apparently killed off his iconic detective, Easy Rawlins, almost six years ago in the novel Blonde Faith. And much like in Doyle's case, Rawlins' fans were not pleased with this final development. Mosley wasn't quite done with Rawlins yet, however; in his new novel, Little Green, Easy is seemingly back among the living and still crawling the streets of late-60s LA. But those streets have changed. Watts happened, for one, and now the hippies are sweeping through the city with open minds and heavy hits of acid. Rawlins is hired to find a black man by the name of Little Green who went missing among the hippies. Mosley visits the Central Branch of the St. Louis Public Library (1313 Olive Street; 314-241-2288 or www.slpl.org) at 7 p.m. this evening to discuss and sign copies of this unexpected Easy Rawlins novel. Admission is free, and Left Bank Books will sell copies of Little Green on site.
Thu., May 23, 2013