Everything is Terrible Tomorrow Night at Antarctica

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There are some things we don't want to subject the world to. My brother Yonder Vittles likes to collect people's home videos, but I refuse to let him post them. They're the sickest, saddest things. They shouldn't have even been captured on video. It's stuff no one should see.

But you bravely sit through it.

Yeah. We're cultural martyrs. You know, we did originally like good things. Some of went to film school. But now none of us ever watch anything that's good.

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What do you have planned after your sojourn through Missouri?

We're working on a Christmas DVD. We're planning to give it away for free with our regular DVD at our show at the Upright Citizens Brigade in LA.

Will it just be Christmas crap, or will there be Hanukkah and Eid and Kwanzaa crap, too?

We get a lot of guff from Christians. They say we give them too hard a time. So we're trying to give everyone a hard time.

But there's so much more Christmas kitsch!

Yeah. They make the best videos.

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