Fear Factor

Get to screaming!

Oct 22, 2008 at 4:00 am
This Halloween season, you've been attempting to create that haunted-house vibe at home. You've stuck your hand in a bowl of peeled grapes, but they really didn't feel like eyeballs to you. You've played a recording of yourself making that ghostly "wooo-wooo" sound every evening, yet you still can't convince yourself that your house is haunted. And you've even set up a faux cemetery in the front yard to help yourself imagine that you're disturbing the dead, but you know you're only disturbing the grass. So how will you achieve the level of scariness you crave? You need to leave the DIY haunt job behind and let the experts take care of the really bloodcurdling business — you need to get to the Darkness (1525 South Eighth Street) and CreepyWorld (1600 South Old Highway 141, Fenton). At these attractions you will definitely be scared out of your mind! The Darkness features two whole floors of terror, and CreepyWorld is five frightening sites in one (including Silo-X, a haunted cornfield and more). Admission to both the Darkness and CreepyWorld costs $25 to $40 (admission to just one runs $13 to $30), and the attractions are open nightly through Sunday, November 2; visit www.scarefest.com for directions and more information. Happy haunting!
Oct. 3-Nov. 2, 2008