Friendly Fire

Jun 13, 2013 at 4:00 am
New York photographer and filmmaker Richard Kern came to prominence in the mid-1980s as part of the No Wave Cinema of Transgression film movement. His experimental violent and erotic films such as The Right Side of My Brain and Fingered featured underground music personalities Lydia Lunch, J.G. Thirlwell and Henry Rollins in starring roles. In the '90s Kern turned his focus to still photography and portraiture, mostly of the confrontational nude variety. His new book Shot by Kern collects more than 300 photos of unclad young ladies taken during the production of Vice magazine's online show of the same name, which has been streaming on since 2007. Tonight at 8 p.m., Richard Kern visits White Flag Projects (4568 Manchester Avenue; 314-531-3442 or to sign copies of Shot by Kern and curate an outdoor screening of his short films. Admission is free, and the event is recommended for adult audiences.
Sat., June 15, 2013