Here's What Missouri Shops for Online More Than Other States

Mar 24, 2017 at 6:43 am
Here's What Missouri Shops for Online More Than Other States
Photo courtesy of Flickr / Billy Crafton.
Many people fall down the rabbit hole of online shopping at one point or another — but as a recent study at Estately shows, we definitely don't all go searching for the same things.

On Wednesday, the real estate website published its findings about the products each state Googles more often than the others while shopping online. Using Google trends, the researchers (can we call them that?) measured web searches using the Google Shopping feature to see which products each state searched for in the past year.

The results for Missouri? They were both unsurprising ... and a little weird.

It turns out that Missouri likes to search for gun racks more than any other state (shocker!). Potato guns were also a big search. And beyond that, Missourians are big fans of garden gnomes.

Yes, garden gnomes.

Still, other states searched for some even stranger (or scarier) items. Wyoming, Estately points out, is apparently stockpiling an arsenal, searching for things like ammunition, bulk ammo, grenades, gas masks and a gun safe (while also looking for bagpipes and the Proactiv anti-acne medication — say what?). New York has a strange interest in coyote urine, while Ohio wants to take their garden a step further with a "zombie garden gnome." And the list goes on.

Want to see what other states Google more often than any other state while shopping online? Skim the map below, and check out the full article here.