How Low Can You Go?

It is a quiet night at the neighborhood tavern -- but they've all been pretty quiet of late. Denise Savage, an intelligent, thirty something woman arrives with an iron-clad plan: She will not leave the bar as a virgin. Her plan is knocked slightly astray by the arrival of old classmate Linda, who's upset at being dumped by her dim boyfriend, Tony; Tony has decided he's through with pretty women, and is now going to only nail ugly broads. Denise and Linda commiserate, then notice April, your average barfly-cum-sexual-carnivore, who is also an old classmate. When Tony shows up to try to better explain himself to Linda -- no easy task for this greasily charming salami -- Denise and April determine independently of one another that the big amok is the cure for what ails them, and it falls to Murk, the bartender, to keep things from turning ugly -- or uglier. John Patrick Stanley's Savage in Limbo opens a window on the frustrations of a small group of people who share a similar desperation. Onsite Theatre company presents Savage in Limbo at 8 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday (July 6 through 16) at Cusumano's (7147 Manchester Road, Maplewood; Tickets are $20.
Wednesdays-Saturdays. Starts: July 6. Continues through July 16, 2011
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