If Mama Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy

Somewhere out there in the real world, there's a reader who's had a rough year. Took a bad spill on her bike, and had a coffee incident that’d make Juan Valdez shudder. She's banged up, but don't worry, she's on the mend. She has to get back on her feet soon -- her daughter's gettin' hitched in a short while, and mom’s got a seat in the front row. A wedding is something to look forward to, but it also means her only child is growing up a little bit more, and experiencing one of life's singular transformations -- and that's never easy for a parent. It's exhilarating, but it also weighs on a mother’s heart. Sunrise, sunset -- swiftly flow the years, etc, etc. For that reader, 12 Angry Fingers lays down its sword and offers only flowers. Oh, and this.

If it ain’t fabulous, it ain’t shit.

Fabulous moms of the world, represent. Dance to it when you get the chance.

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