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Elliott Davis and Larry Conners hit the catwalk, much to Ms. Day's delight

Elliott Davis and Larry Conners

Fashion in St. Louis, like in most Midwestern cities, is a bit nebulous. We never have a strong showing at any fashion weeks, the area has limited boutiques, and, to be honest, some folks dress a little Cracker Barrel down-homey. But when we heard that KTVI-TV (Channel 2)'s Elliott Davis and KMOV-TV (Channel 4)'s Larry Conners were two of the confirmed models for the American Parkinson Disease Association Greater St. Louis Chapter's annual "Focus on Fashion" fundraiser, well, fashion-conscious Ms. Day just about jumped out of her Prada shoes! See, she's long admired both of these local celebs, and she's just dying to see them stroll down the runway. But who does she think will attract the most people to the fundraising event? Only a dissection of Elliott's and Larry's day-to-day style will tell.

On-Air Attitude:

Larry: This Texan's staid, calm demeanor and shy smile certainly score points with Ms. Day.

Elliott: He and the "You Paid for It" team are definitely not afraid to pull any punches, and guts equals sexy! (Plus, he could kinda make for an interesting drag queen, and versatility equals sexy, too!)

Television Style:

Larry: Sure, he's all business from the waist up, but aren't you ever curious what he's wearing down below that desk? Chaps? Flannel jammie pants? Long hippie skirt? Who could say? An air of mystery is always a good thing.

Elliott: This Vashon graduate's interviews often involve running and abruptly closed doors, so his fabrics seem to be lightweight and flexible -- very wise choice, but maybe breakaway materials could also serve him well (wink!).

Best On-Screen Moment:

Larry: One word: Taser. How can you top that? (Confidential to Larry: Hope you've recovered!)

Elliott: Now, this man repeatedly leaps out of the way of moving cars -- and can dodge bullets! He, too, can tangle with the best of 'em, and that's oh-so-hot.

Surprise Accoutrements:

Larry: You know, Ms. Day has thought to herself, "Now this is a man who may wear a cowboy hat." But she was wrong! Larry's headwear of choice is a motorcycle helmet. No shift! In fact, Larry rides a Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic. Mmmm, Ms. Day's wild side sure loves a man on a bike.

Elliott: A daughter. Beneath the closely shaved head is not only an exposé-seeker, but a daddy. Aww, a man with a soft side will get domestic Ms. Day every time!

Runway Prediction:

How could Ms. Day possibly choose? Both men succeed in maintaining their own style through the placid sea of newsmen, and because of that, their greater mission of helping raise money for a noble cause is not a challenge that will go unmet. So, in other words, both are winners in Ms. Day's ever-longing eyes.

This year, the "Focus on Fashion" theme is "Broadway on the Runway," and the event is held Monday, September 26, at the Hilton St. Louis Frontenac (1335 South Lindbergh Boulevard). This fundraiser -- which includes lunch, an auction, a raffle and, of course, the fashion show -- begins with a social hour at 11 a.m., and the runway action begins at 1:30 p.m. In addition to Elliott and Larry, models include Larry's wife, Janet, and other local celebs who will showcase fall wares from Byrd, the Fur & Leather Centre, Vie and more. Tickets cost $50 and can be purchased by calling 314-362-3299.

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