In the Galleries: FeedBack at Luminary Center for the Arts, closing December 2, 2011

Nov 24, 2011 at 4:00 am

Feedback Using only an oscillating fan, a dangling bundle of microphones, an amp and an effects processor, local sound and video artist Brett Williams assembles an immersive installation in the Luminary's chapel space that finds pathos in ambient abstraction and elemental austerity. Presenting itself as no more than the sum of its parts, the white, Walgreens-grade fan breathes wind into the microphone bundle, which clanks and bangs against the fan's cage. Two neon zip-ties, affixed to the cage, "strum" the dangling microphone cords, as the fan shifts from side to side. Undeniably modest in media, the piece downright rocks. It's a massive fan solo that's piercing and anthemic, a classic-guitar wail born of nothing but air. FeedBack has a slapstick side that speaks of the artist's failed ambition to be a rock star, but what Williams has composed as his dream's surrogate is far more ingenious: a homage to the ordinary, a household object capable of blowing your doors off. Also showing: Recently Possible – Objects of the Future This group exhibit dismantles the nebulous term "new media," drawing together a number of consumer products at technology's vanguard — from robotic rescue buoys named Emily to the most avant of portable synthesizers (Teenage Engineering's "OP-1") — and turning the stereotypical exhibition model on its ear by presenting commodities as pioneering art. Through December 2 at the Luminary Center for the Arts, 4900 Reber Place; 314-807-5984 or Hours: noon-6 p.m. Wed.-Sat.

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