It's A Dog's Life

Mar 7, 2013 at 4:00 am
Maybe you've known people with "problem pets." Rover won't roll over; Kojak the cat refuses to come when yelled at, or tries to scratch the family's kid, who's dumb (and mean) enough to yank on the poor creature's tail. You just want to slap dummies like this upside the head and remind them they're dealing with animals that require respectful, kind treatment if they're to perform their stupid pet tricks willingly. The sometimes tricky human-pet dynamic is the subject of Daniel Damiano's play, Day of the Dog. This dark comedy focuses on a Florida couple having issues with their dog, Carrot, who's become difficult and violent. A Canine Relations Specialist is called in and Carrot's mysterious behavior is gradually made clear -- it's his owners who are the real problem. Day of the Dog premieres under the auspices of St. Louis Actors' Studio at 8 p.m. Thursday through Saturday and 3 p.m. Sunday (March 8 through 24) at the Gaslight Theater (358 North Boyle Avenue; 314-458-2978 or Tickets are $25 to $30.
Thursdays-Sundays. Starts: March 8. Continues through March 24, 2013