Just in Time for Life Day

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Some people feel that George Lucas' revival and expansion of the Star Wars franchise has done irreparable damage to the legacy of the original trilogy. Those people are scruffy-looking nerfherders. [The writer of this piece is recklessly biased in favor of almost all things Star Wars, with the exceptions of Jar-Jar Binks and Anakin Skywalker's "I hate sand" speech. —Ed.] The six films and the expanded universe material continue to delight and inspire fans around the world — our love for Star Wars is as deeply passionate as Han and Leia's farewell in Bespin's carbon-freezing chamber, and as all-consuming as Luke's belief that there is still good in his father. So strap on your Mandalorian Supercommando armor and hop in your T-16 and get down the Scottrade Center (1401 Clark Avenue; 314-241-1888 or www.scottradecenter.com) by 7:30 p.m. tonight for the Star Wars in Concert multimedia event. A full symphony orchestra buttressed by a choir performs that great John Williams music you know and love, while specially edited footage from the films is projected on a three-story-tall screen. Oh, and the whole shebang is narrated live by Anthony Daniels (do we even have mention that he played C-3PO in all six movies as well as the cult classic Star Wars Holiday Special?), and props, costumes and other memorabilia from the movies will be on display as well. The Force is strong in this one, friends. Tickets are $32.50 to $72.50.
Thu., Dec. 10, 2009
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