Light up the Night

Bulb-butted bugs bring bioluminescence

Oh, those sweet and simple joys of summertime — memories of fishing holes, tire swings and stickball games...wait, that was in a commercial for Country Time Lemonade. Most of our childhoods didn't have that bucolic whimsy, but we did know a thing or two about catching fireflies. That magical act of summer's twilight will get a new twist when the Foundry Art Centre (520 North Main Center, St. Charles) hosts Project: Firefly. At 6 p.m. this evening, everyday folks are invited to gather at the Foundry Art Centre for brief instructions, then head out and catch the magical glowing bugs in plastic jars with magnetic lids. Those jars will then be affixed to a large magnetic grid, and the resulting bioluminescent installation will illuminate the Centre and stir discussion. And to make the whole experience even more childlike, milk and cookies will be served to all participants. Just make sure to wash behind your ears before bedtime. To volunteer as a bug catcher, call 636-255-0270 or visit
Wed., July 9, 2008
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