Light Your Fire

Sep 8, 2011 at 4:00 am
As you must know by now, Ms. Day is a hopeless romantic. She adores the magic of candlelit dinners, holding hands in the park and smooching under the moonlight. Yet despite these oft-reported ways to launch oneself, Cupid's arrow-style, straight into the heart of one's love, Day understands that some significant others need a bit more guidance when attempting to create just the right ambiance. So start paying attention now! To initiate a date night of undeniable, palpable enchantment, bring your sweet to Forest Park on Friday, September 16, for the free Balloon Glow, which serves as a kickoff for the Great Forest Park Balloon Race weekend ( The race itself and its accompanying free festival are held on Saturday, September 17, starting at noon (balloons lift off around 4:30 p.m.), but on Friday night beginning at 7 p.m., many rainbow-colored hot-air balloons are set a-glowing by their burners and romance truly is in the air! As you park for the glow -- this is a popular event, so you'll be a ways away -- remember that your walk to Central Field by the Jewel Box is all part of setting the mood. Stroll hand-in-hand and let the excitement in the park and the light of the moon energize your love. Once you arrive, wander around the balloons, taking in the unusual, strangely beautiful scene, and even grab a snack if you're so inclined. Then, when the fireworks explode overhead at 9 p.m., love, too, will burst forth from your heart and lips, and that fiery smooch won't soon be forgotten! (You can thank Ms. Day for these suggestions later.)
Sat., Sept. 17, 2011