Love to Laugh (Again)

Jan 13, 2010 at 4:00 am
You ever notice how you can picture some adults as they were as children — what they looked like, how they acted and so on — and how some other adults seem to have sprung from the womb fully formed, lacking any lingering childlike wonder or amazement at the world around them? This latter kind of grownup is a sad variety indeed, but it's not necessarily a permanent condition. All it takes to relieve oneself of life's stresses, you know, adult stuff, is an hour or so of focusing on the lighter side of things. Jamie Adkins, a grownup, does this on a regular basis. He's a circus performer — in the past he's worked with Cirque du Soleil and Cirque Éloize — and he brings his solo show to Washington University's Edison Theatre (6445 Forsyth Boulevard) for a single performance at 11 a.m. His Circus Incognitus is a family-friendly event, which features Adkins and his amazing balancing abilities in a format that will bring smiles to faces young and old. Tickets to the show cost $10 and are available at 314-935-6543 or Learn more about Adkins by visiting
Sat., Jan. 16, 2010