Missouri NICU Babies Going Viral in Incredible Costumes

There’s even a little rock and roll baby dressed up in a Van Halen T-shirt

Nov 1, 2022 at 11:04 am
The Saint Francis Healthcare System out of Cape Girardeau posted photos of their NICU babies in their finest Halloween gear, and people are going gaga over them.

Known for using a strict fact-based approach to pandemic protocols (no matter how much the public whined about having to wear a mask),  the Saint Francis Healthcare System showed that it's also forward-thinking when it comes to celebrating the tiniest of patients in a recent Facebook post.

It shared photos of the NICU cuties wearing a variety of costumes, and the darling babies are earning thousands of fans online who are sharing the sweetest compliments and the most heart-warming stories in the comments sections.

The costumes include a princess, a bee, Batman, a Very Hungry Caterpillar, Captain America, Peter Pan, a pair of Flintstones, an old lady, mermaids, McDonald’s French fries and Superman. There’s even a little rock and roll baby with wild hair and a guitar all dressed up in a Van Halen T-shirt.

But no matter which character they’re wearing for their very first Halloween costume, these NICU cuties are all superheroes to us.

Go, babies, go!