One if by Swiss, Two if by Austria

Mar 20, 2014 at 4:00 am
There once were two Austrian lovers of poetry and literature -- particularly of the Beat variety -- who spent a great deal of time in Northern California so they could get closer to the source of those Beat poetics. Well, that's not entirely true. There are three of them. And they aren't all Austrians -- one of them is, in fact, Swiss. But when it comes to the Beats, it's better to capture the essence of a thing than it is to belabor the truth, so the international trio became known as "the two Austrians of North Beach." Individually, they are Heinz D. Heisl, Elias Schneitter and Magdalena Kauz (she's the Swiss one). Together they organize the Sprachsalz literary festival in Tyrol and write their own poetry and novels. This evening at 6 p.m. they visit Subterranean Books (6275 Delmar Boulevard, University City; 314-862-6100 or to read from and sign copies of their new book, The two Austrians of North Beach, which features their writings about wonderful times in Northern California. Admission is free.
Tue., March 25, 6 p.m., 2014