Paraguay vs. Spain

Jun 30, 2010 at 4:00 am
Every writer has their prejudices, but most try to hide them behind a veneer of civility and decorum. But I say, fuck decorum. And furthermore, fuck Spain. Listen, it's nothing personal, but goddamn do I hate watching the Spanish play. All the build-up, all the passing, and then comes an off-target kick followed by looks of shock and dismay, as if Fernando f'ing Torres can't believe it didn't go in for him -- he's Fernando Torres, after his years at Liverpool he should know it never goes in for him when the team needs it to go in. That said, Spain bumped off Portugal, so that's one good thing about them. And they lost to the Swiss in group play, which was hysterical and personally satisfying. I guess there's some good will towards Spain -- but not much. Paraguay, though, I can't even muster a "meh" for them. I didn't even realize they were at this World Cup until this match-up was posted -- when you "win" a nil-nil draw with New Zealand, you're really showing the world zzzzzz ... Sorry, dozed off there just thinking about this Paraguay team. So, what's the end result of this game? Twenty-one shots by Spain, four of them on-goal, two go in. Paraguay leaves with one of those nice participation ribbons and they get all the orange slices they want on the plane back to South America. Game time is 1:30 p.m. St. Louis time, and if you click right here, you'll find a list of venues screening the game.
Sat., July 3, 2010