People Who Believe in Aliens Are the Most Hated Thing in Missouri

People Who Believe in Aliens Are the Most Hated Thing in Missouri
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There seems to be a dating website or app for everyone and everything by now, from Christians to celebrity lookalikes to farmers. You may have not, however, heard of a dating app where you can bond with your bae about things you hate — or the fact that this handy app has determined the most hated thing in every state.

The app, known as Hater, posted a map titled "What Does Your State Hate?" on its blog Wednesday. The map displays our fine 50 states, labeled with what each state hates most according to the app.

Now, while we can think of plenty of things that many St. Louisans don't like (see our list of "18 Things You Should Never Say to a St. Louisan" for starters), we never would have guessed that the one thing that brings Missouri and Missourah together is sheer loathing for people who believe in aliens.

Yeah, let that sink in for a moment.

The app offers no reasoning for this hatred, so we're basically forced to accept the discovery as-is. But as strange as the lack of alien love may sound, we're not alone in our weirdness: Pennsylvania hates people who use money clips, Virginia will give you a look if you dab your pizza with a napkin, Illinois dislikes string cheese, Tennessee hates foraged food and Arizona hates sand.

Meanwhile, Montana hates going to the gym, and people in Minnesota hate drinking alone — hey, a dating app can help with that.  

Oh, and a message for Rhode Island, haters of Middle America: We see you. Just barely.

To see what every state hates — the good, the bad, the weird, and the sexist (really, Nevada?) — check out the map below, or click here.

click to enlarge People Who Believe in Aliens Are the Most Hated Thing in Missouri
Screen grab via Hater.

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