Profiting from Poetry

Aspiring poets, take heart: publication awaits! 

Maybe not in book form, but how does the inside of a bus sound? A Metro car?

If so, your dreams are about to come true.

The 2009 Poetry in Motion contest is accepting submissions.

The contest is sponsored by Metro Arts in Transit and the Poetry Society of America, and will honor fifteen poets in the 50-mile St. Louis metro area.

Entries will be accepted until February, 2 and should be no longer than fifteen lines -- so keep them brief, you verbose bastards.

No bard may submit more than three poems, according to the contest rules.

Winners will also be given the chance to read their work in May during a ceremonial reading at the Regional Arts Commission. Not too shabby.

Oh yeah, and there's no age limit or restrictions on ability. No need to change your name or pass yourself off as Robert Pinsky because novices and Nobel laureates will be considered as one in the same.

Robert Frost is dead anyway, so don't make that mistake.

The poems will be printed on a poster that includes a visual illustration in keeping with the theme of the work. There don't seem to be restrictions based on content. But do you really think they're going to publish a poem about, say, going to a GWAR concert? Maybe with effective onomatopoeia.  

So dust off the keyboard, ink the quill tip. You never know how close you are to making Momma proud.

- Matt Kasper


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