Puppet Regime

The marionettes break out the classics

Feb 1, 2006 at 4:00 am
Back when we were kids, we learned all about the world and classical music through Bugs Bunny. Nowadays, kids would have a hard time finding any children's shows on the dial (or on that newfangled digital cable) that include works by Tchaikovsky (the Nutcracker notwithstanding), Ravel or Waldteufel.

SpongeBob, where's the love?

Well, S-Bob is unable to speak on the matter at the moment (he's busy at the Krusty Krab), so we'll tell you: Love resides at Kramer Marionnette Theater (4143 Laclede Avenue), where endearing marionettes, like Arthur the Conductor (pictured), present works by the aforementioned composers and others during the Introduction to Classical Music. Tear the little ones away from the television any day through Sunday, February 12, and take them to see the show already! Marionette-making-demonstration and performance times vary, so visit www.kramersmarionnettes.com for more information and call 314-531-3313 for your required reservations; for both a demo and a show, you'll pay $9.25 to $10.25 per person.
Feb. 1-12