RFT Seeks Maniac Who Sold Used Polar Pop Cup Collection on Craigslist

click to enlarge This is but a portion of the massive collection. - Photo via Craigslist
Photo via Craigslist
This is but a portion of the massive collection.

Did you recently offload more than 1,000 used styrofoam cups in a Craigslist ad? Or, perhaps, did you recently come upon the score of the century and secure said refuse for yourself? In either case, we desperately need to hear from you.

This weekend, an ad was posted on St. Louis' Craiglist for a massive "Polar Pop cup collection." It seems the seller spent years amassing an unwieldy mountain of non-biodegradable garbage at his/her place of work. According to the ad, this person would buy a soda from the nearby gas station each day, and when its contents were gone, s/he would refill the cup with ice water. At the end of each workday the cup would be placed in a stack, and the process would repeat the following workday.

"This collection did come in handy for the incidental cup that would get a hole it it," the seller wrote. "I always had a back up cup."

Unfortunately our hero's uptight boss decided that this pile of trash needed to go. ("I don't need that kind of negativity, but, he is a really cool boss, so I will accommodate," the seller wrote.)

We got screenshots of the ad itself, but by the time we returned to contact the person offloading them — we have many, many questions — the ad was gone, its contact info unknowable. Which presumably means someone came and claimed them. Which, honestly, leaves us with many, many more questions.

"I dunno if someone has a use for them," the ad read, echoing one of our own queries. "I mean we made a cool arch way that contains 100 cups to achieve, so, with [1000+], you can make 10 of them for a typical interior door."

click to enlarge Just like that big one downtown, only the materials will last longer. - Photo via Craigslist
Photo via Craigslist
Just like that big one downtown, only the materials will last longer.
So: a tunnel of styrofoam is one potential use. Another, apparently, is an eternal to-do list that will easily outlive its do-er.

"Some of the cups have things written on them. I would use them sometimes as a reminder for myself to do things," the ad continues. "I would lose post it notes, and since I ALWAYS have a Polar Pop cup with me, it was perfect to write my daily reminders on the side."

So. Many. Questions.

If you are the person who amassed this collection, or if you are the person who picked them up, we need to hear from you. And to weed out the practical jokers — after all, this is serious business here — we are withholding a few key details from the ad, so prepare thee to riddle the RFT these questions three:

1. What was the exact number of cups listed in the ad?
2. What price was the collection listed at?
3. Where was the collection located?

If you or someone you know is the seller or buyer of these items, please, please get in touch. We need to get together and talk.

Sodas are on us!

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