Zombies are to be feared, to be sure, but the undead also possess some admirable qualities. For starters, there's the dedication to fitness — when have you ever seen a zombie chillaxing in a recliner, catching up on a Housewives program? Never, that's when, because zombies must shamble endlessly in search of brains, which surely aren't going to show up through the TV screen. Which brings us to the second praiseworthy zombie quality: myopic focus on the task (and food) at hand. There's no tempting a zombie with a Blueberry Hill cheeseburger, or a toasty sandwich from Snarf's, or some other treat. Zombies want brains, brains and more brains. And absolutely nothing else. If you share similar characteristics and are thusly focused, you can shamble along with others of your ilk in the Delmar Loop during the official St. Louis Zombie Walk. Participants should gather behind Starbucks at Leland Avenue and Loop North at 6 p.m. before they begin to make their way eastward around 7 p.m. Participation in the walk is free — zombies ain't got no time to work, after all — but there's a code of conduct that must be signed. To have a look at it and to learn more, visit www.facebook.com/StLZombieWalk.
Sat., Oct. 27, 2012
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