Shepard Fairey's Art Is Coming to St. Louis

Shepard Fairey's "Rise Above Fist," courtesy of The Philip Slein Gallery
Shepard Fairey's "Rise Above Fist," courtesy of The Philip Slein Gallery
The legendary street artist made famous for creating the ubiquitous Barack Obama "Hope" poster will be showing some work in St. Louis next month.

Shepard Fairey, also known for his OBEY posters of Andre the Giant, will take part in an exhibition titled "Westward Expansion," opening September 16 at The Philip Slein Gallery on Washington Avenue. Fairey himself isn't scheduled to make an appearance but his "Rise Above Fist" pictured here will be the centerpiece of the show.

The exhibition will be curated by Justin Giarla, owner of San Francisco's White Walls and Shooting Gallery and will also feature work by Blek Le Rat -- a French artist who helped pioneer stencil art and influenced Bansky-- as well as pieces by Greg Gossel, Van Arno and four other graffiti-influenced artists.

"The exhibition will showcase the kind of work the west coast is famous for," the gallery says in a press release for the event. "The lowbrow -- with its influences of pop art, street art, outsider art, punk rock, comic books, the surfboard, skateboard, and hot rod subcultures."

The gallery also writes that the work embodies "the spirit of new discovery and ground-breaking creativity in arts we look West to find inspiration and new ideas, new territories," and "represents a new vanguard of artists and forward-thinking minds that pushes the boundaries of traditional visual arts and explores new directions within modern art era mediums and techniques."

For more on Shepard Fairey, check out his website,
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