Soccer It to Me

The St. Louis Steamers heat up their home opener

FRI 10/29

Back in the '80s, St. Louis was embroiled in a spicy three-way athletic relationship: The baseball Cardinals were the steady girlfriend you took to the office party, the football Cardinals were the scuzzy ex you hooked up with on the sly, and the St. Louis Steamers were the hot little mistress you couldn't stay away from. St. Louis was truly a hotbed of indoor soccer for that decade, but the triangle has realigned itself some over the years. We still love the Cards, and the Rams are a whole other animal, but the Steamers have somehow fallen by the wayside.

But now St. Louis' long (if sometimes interrupted) love affair with the St. Louis Steamers flares up in a new rendezvous spot: the Savvis Center (14th Street and Clark Avenue; 314-241-1888 or Granted, the affair isn't as torrid as it was in the red-hot '80s, but with tickets for the 7:35 p.m. home opener (against the Baltimore Blast) set at a moderate $16 or $30 and all seating reserved to the lower bowl of the Savvis, the old passion for indoor soccer may yet be rekindled. Who loves you, babies? -- Paul Friswold

Puttin' the "Whee" in CWE

SAT 10/30

Halloween's biggest drawback is that it only rolls around once a year, so you only get to choose one of your alter-egos to share with the world. Transsexual Wolfman? Radar from M*A*S*H? The ghost of Tupac? Tough decision!

This year, do your damnedest to choose the right persona, because it could earn you $5,000 -- on us. The Riverfront Times co-sponsors the Halloween '04 party and costume contest in the Central West End. Show up at Maryland Plaza (Maryland and Euclid avenues) at 6 p.m. to register for the contest, find the stage, pay your $20 entry fee and have a blast. If you don't feel like competing, it's free to just hang out; the festivities begin at 8 p.m. And for the record, this is an adult-oriented party: Leave your kids at home and get out of the house for once. You can take the kids trick-or-treating tomorrow to make it up to them.

For more info check out or call 314-361-2850. -- Guy Gray

Reading in the Lou

Breezing past Cleveland to secure our rank as the nation's thirteenth most literate city (according to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater's recent study), St. Louis is excited to make a list that doesn't describe it as a walking heart attack. Celebrate this on Saturday and Sunday (October 30 and 31) at the free Meet Me in St. Louis Book Festival (314-416-8327 or at the World's Fair Pavilion in Forest Park. From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day, national and local authors (like Jan Greenberg) chat up their books while artists sell their wares and kiddos compete in various contests. With reading-friendly events like this, number-one-ranked Minneapolis better watch out. -- Kristie McClanahan

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