St. Louis Stage Capsules: I Do! I Do!

May 3, 2012 at 4:00 am

Tom Jones' and Harvey Schmidt's musical tribute to marriage is a bit outdated (from the virginal bride to the raising of two children on a writer's salary), but many of its sung truths remain painfully poignant. I Do! I Do! follows 50 years in the marriage of Michael (Jeffrey Pruett) and Agnes (Pamela Reckamp), from wedding night to the birth of their children to their retirement-slash-"downsizing," and naturally, the magic all takes place in the bedroom. With only one set and scenes that range from buoyant ("Together Forever") to morose ("The Honeymoon Is Over"), director Ron Gibbs' staging relies on powerful performances and eye-catching props, pulling off the open-air-artifice and imbuing the marriage bed with a genuine heart and soul.