Steinberg Skating Rink in Forest Park Is Open for Roller Skating This Summer

Jul 13, 2021 at 10:51 am
Steinberg Skating Rink in Forest Park Is Open for Roller Skating This Summer
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We usually mark the end of winter in St. Louis by when Steinberg Skating Rink (400 Jefferson Drive) in Forest Park shuts down for the season.

But since a rink this large and flat shouldn’t go to waste, you can now drop in with your rollerblades or roller skates and go for a spin in the summer breeze. You don’t even need to pay to book a time slot, either.

Mary Shocklee runs High Rollers Skate Shop and is an enthusiastic supporter of quad culture. High Rollers Skate Shop makes custom roller skates and specializes in producing roller versions of customers’ favorite tennis shoes like Vans and Nikes.

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Shocklee’s extended crew of St. Louis roller skaters started skating at Steinberg during the beginning of the off-season but they kept getting shut down by park rangers.

But then something pretty cool happened.

“One of the girls contacted Tishaura so she could make it okay for us to skate there,” Shocklee says. “And since then the park rangers let us skate.”

Usually, we hear about government moving at a glacial speed when it comes to even the simplest of changes, but Shocklee was thrilled that St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones was able to cut though what could’ve been miles of red tape to open up the rink to guests.

We contacted the mayor's office to confirm and her spokesperson was quick to share the credit with the city parks department.

"The Mayor herself did facilitate the conversation," said spokesperson Nick Dunne, "but our amazing Parks staff made the call."

But it isn’t just Shocklee's crew that has permission to roll there. Anybody who wants to go for some solo spins is also allowed to drop in whenever they’d like. With fresh air and exercise being essential to people trying to maintain their health these days, maybe outdoor roller skating is just what the doctor ordered.

And if you don’t like to skate solo or you want to make some new friends, the High Rollers Skate Shop hosts frequent skate sessions for those who want to find their roller family. Keep an eye on the High Rollers Skate Shop Facebook page for information about their next event.

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